Mias First Time

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We asked 42-year-old first-timer Mia Monroe to describe her perfect day or evening, and she said, "Spending time with my family. Riding horses and building a campfire. Sitting around relaxing in the country. Looking up at the stars." We asked her what gets her off, and she said, "My husband having sex with me while we use my vibrator." We asked her if she was a swinger. "Not yet," she said. A nudist? "No." Would the people who know her be shocked to see her here? "Total shock." The great thing about 40SomethingMag.com is that quite often, our women have never had sex in front of a camera, never even taken off their clothes in front of anyone but their significant other. They're just ordinary women who you might see shopping or at a park, and here they are, having sex on-camera with big-dicked porn studs. That's Mia. Enjoy.