She Gives Us Wood

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Because breakfast is the most important meal of the day, a girl like CJ Woods always makes sure her man is well-fed. She has a piping hot carafe of coffee in hand as this scene opens, but CJ knows exactly what type of nourishment we're interested in to start our day. "I think you'd like to go back to bed and get some of these," CJ says sweetly while rubbing her supple breasts. "Is this what you want to wake up to? Me playing with my pussy?" That's exactly what we had in mind, CJ. Her pussy is plump, her tits are plush and her face is as sweet and cute as any girl you'll ever meet. Waking up to a girl like this is a surefire way to start your day with some morning wood. And CJ is just the type to help you take care of it. CJ is rubbing her pussy in front of the dining room table and gets herself so hot she decides to head over to the nearby couch to get more comfortable. She pulls her boobs out from her bra and plays with her already-erect nipples. "I want you to nibble on my nipples," she says, squeezing her nips. "I want you to do it soft. Not too hard." You can have it your way, CJ. After a bit more teasing, CJ takes her panties off and begins to rub on her pussy. The camera zooms in on her cunt, and her pussy is sticky and dripping wet. CJ continues rubbing and playing with her clit while fondling her tits, and she's getting hornier and more wet by the stroke. "You should be doing this for me," she says, moaning. We wish we were, but watching CJ is still one heck of a treat. When she finally cums, shivers wash over her body and a look of bliss spreads across CJ's face. She picks up her boobs and gives them another lick. "Are you awake now, Sunshine," she asks. Wide awake and ready to start our day.