A Traditional German Dessert

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We did lie by calling this a traditional German dessert but the important thing is that Casey Deluxe is back and her dessert is 100% natural, no fillers or additives. In fact, this is a traditional German dessert here at SCORE. It's just not well known. Casey is looking very tasty in her cut-off tank, her cut-off overalls and heels. She shows what kitchen counters are for by getting on top of one and slowly peeling off her top and bottom. It's getting a little warm in the kitchen and Casey needs to get comfy. Eventually she does get around to making that German dessert. It ain't traditional by a long shot but it will satisfy the sweet tooth. Squirting whipped cream on her strawberries is a good way to start. Then Casey decides to turn her beautiful body into a human sundae and does it in a very sexy way. Rubbing her big tits on the cream covered counter is one way. You won't see this at your local ice cream and yogurt shop. This fraulein is a creamy cutie. We should have followed Casey into the shower when she went to wash it off.