Interview With An Asian

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Here are a couple of things you should know about Layla: She's never had a guy get her off. That's not too surprising. She's only had three partners. She's brand-new to modeling. In fact, this is her very first shoot. She's conflicted about it, too. As she fingered her smooth pussy on-camera, she told us how nervous she is because of her strict Asian parents' high moral standards and judgment. We know all of these things because we interviewed her while she was in our studio. Layla is self-conscious about her deliciously dark pussy lips, too. We've written about this phenomenon in Naughty Neighbors, so we know that dark lips just show that her pussy is getting extra blood flow because she's horny! Do you want another sure-fire sign that she's a raunchy girl? Check out that sweet pussy cream starting to form in her cooch. That natural lube really started flowing once her fingers got to work.