Merilyn In Yer Face Part Three

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In Part Three of Merilyn In Yer Face, Merilyn Sakova straps on some mighty big bras, checking herself out in the mirror and, quite rightfully, admiring her utterly unique dimensions. Whipping out one of her favorite girl-toys, Merilyn succeeds in fogging up the mirror. She gets into bed so she can stretch out comfortably and really pump it fast and hard until she makes it to 'gasm-city. In the next segment, a dolled-up and cigarette smoking Merilyn talks about her early modeling and other juicy topics, translated into English off-camera by her Ukrainian bosom buddy Jelena Jasper. (Russians and Ukrainians are big smokers.) That leads into Merilyn playing with herself using a toy and her fingers. Merilyn remains dressed with her big tits out of her sweater and her pussy exposed after ripping apart the gusset of her pantyhose. Sticking her fingers inside her pussy makes her buck and grind like she stuck her fingers inside an electrical outlet. Her pussy is very sensitive. Merilyn's big boobs undulate from her body movements and this alone is an amazing sight. "I can be sweet," Merilyn said. "And I can be a bitch..."