The Baby Doctor Visit

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Fantastic Bailey Santanna is six months preggo. Her big, fat tits are much bigger, her huge areolae are much darker than before and her belly bump is growing and growing. She is glowing and radiant from the hormone rush of pregnancy. Today Bailey visits the obstetrician for a check-up. (At least he claims to be a doctor.) He examines her bulging belly and her voluptuously robust boobs and gets her on the table to look at her slick pussy-hole. Bailey's pussy is moist and the doctor fingers it, rubbing her clitty. Bailey asks him if she should be having sex at home. "Sex is normal. Very common during pregnancy," he tells her. He inquires about her masturbation habits at this time while rubbing her pussy lips in a circular motion. (You may be starting to wonder about this doctor by this time.) He asks Bailey to masturbate so he can examine her finger technique. She starts to rub her pussy and he helps out with his own fingers. Truly a benevolent man of medicine. Continuing his exam, he starts sucking on Bailey's thick nipples and licking her lady lips. Bailey starts to lose it, the waves of pleasure building up. All she came in for was a brief exam. She didn't know she was coming in to cum. The doctor quickly drops his socks, grabs his cock and points his stiff wood in the direction of Bailey's hungry mouth. She sucks and spits on it and he inserts it between her major tits to fuck her cleavage. As a final test, he inserts his meat-thermometer into her baby-oven on the examination table. Bailey's wetness drenches his dick. Where on Bailey is she going to receive her dosage of ball-batter? Face, tits, ass, pussy? Since she's already pregnant, he can drop his batter anywhere! Pregnancy is a wonderful event, especially for an XL Girl.