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The last time pretty Brandy Dean hit us like a redheaded tornado, she left exhausted men drained of semen and stretched-out tops and bras in her wake of destruction. Brandy has a long history here. She's appeared in Busty 'N' Wet fucking a guy at poolside, Brandy Dean 4U, SCORE Xtra 11 and many more hot videos. By herself alone in pictorials, Brandy can inspire many loads to be lost but she found her niche in fucking and sucking and using her huge 38DDD jugs as cum catchers. She takes pride in this. Brandy has not done many videos if you were to compare her to other porn stars who buzz through hundreds of scenes. And that can be a good thing. Brandy recently returned to SCORE after almost five years and it's always great to have her back. Her first appearance in SCORE was in the Holiday '01 edition but before that, her first photos were published in October '99 Naughty Neighbors when she was an eager newbie, discovered and photographed in Ohio by the great Kayla Kleevage. She is in great shape, nice and trim but still curvy and soft with big tits she's proud of. Bouncing back into SCORE by editors' request, Brandy's vigorous gazonga gyrations almost knock Al into a wall. The girl also knows how to dress her tits and the rest of her shapely body. They strip off for action. Brandy dives for Al's cock and gives him her special head and jack technique that men speak of in hushed, awed tones. The redhaired vixen is an experienced cock-sucktress and knows how to harden a man in seconds. The thing about Brandy is that she never loses that wholesome, fresh-faced, corn-fed, innocent Ohio-bred face. She doesn't look like a porn star at all. She looks like a young, suburban wife and baseball mom. Watch as Brandy swirls her tongue over the tip and the other tricks she does to his bone as she vacuum cleans it. While Brandy is swallowing Al's bloated shaft, he is burying his face in Brandy's cleavage and sucking her nipples. When it's time to fuck, Brandy does the rubber trick, putting it on his cock with her mouth. This dirty little move adds a healthy dash of nasty and Brandy is an expert at being a nasty girl. Her tits? Must be fucked. Who could not? Brandy likes to suck on the head as it drives through her tit valley. When it's time to put cock and pussy together, Brandy rides it like it's a pogo stick. Stock up on the zinc, lecithin and boner pills if you want to screw this horny little sweater stretcher. She hasn't lost the magic at all. Welcome back, Brandy Dean.