Locker Room Groupie

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Here's someone new to XLGirls (a personal request by the editor), who will rock your socks off as she did to the stunt-cock that's going to work her out in "Locker Room Groupie." She is Salena Marie, all the way from zipcode CA. Salena likes shopping, going out with her girls and she loves Jersey Shore and Snooki. She kinda looks like Snooki too, short and stacked. (So does Tatiana Blair.) "The first time I had sex, I was hooked," reveals Salena. "I've been a freak ever since. I like to have it at least five times to ten times a week." Salena's fitness instructor plans to do a thorough job of training her. "So how are you going to stretch me today?" Salena asks JC. "I do need a stretch." "Let's get this off first," JC replies. He wants Salena to change out of her clothes into a fitness outfit. "Have a seat and we'll begin to stretch you out," JC grins. "Talk to me about your fitness goals." JC cups Salena's big knockers that are pressed against his groin. Salena describes what she wants trained, rubbing her hands all over JC, especially his pipe area. You know where this is going. "Stretch me good today," Salena requests. Oh, don't worry about that. She squeezes his package as he unhooks Salena's bra to get to the goodies, those 36F-cup topper-whoppers. Salena's fitness instruction takes a backseat to hot locker room smushing as JC decides to really stretch Salena good with his exercise equipment. Salena is in complete agreement with that plan once she gets her hands on his big tool, her eyes lighting up. Welcome aboard, Salena Marie. As far as fitness goes, you fit right in here and so did JC, into you.