Tit Attack Minka

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The notorious No-Tell Motel is the hot-sheet fuck palace where Minka provides mega-boobed full service for those who desire Asian sexbombs with gigantic tits. Because she is the biggest-breasted Asian in the world, a Model of the Year and one of the "20 for 20" greatest SCORE Girls of the last 20 years, Minka is a very popular lady and keeps very busy. Matt's been cruising in his SUV for someone he wants to share some quality time with and his cash is burning a hole in his pocket. He sees Minka in a tiny dress on the street outside the motel and is thunderstruck so he pulls over. "How much?" Matt asks. "I charge a lot!" Minka replies with a smile, bending over and thrusting her massive tits into his car window. "Wow! Those are some huge tits! Hop in the car!" Matt tells Minka. "You're gonna love them," Minka murmurs. She is not kidding around. "You fuck between my tits, get sucky-sucky, fucky-fucky. I fuck you long time." Matt turns out to be quite the fussy and demanding customer once they get busy in the motel room and he gives Minka more cock thrusting and nasty fuck positions than she bargained for in this scene from the movie Tit Attack.