Cali gets glazed

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There's no setup whatsoever in 48-year-old Cali Houston's first hardcore scene at She gets right to it. Her guy, who's busy pawing her 38-27-38 body, awards her the ultimate compliment; "You're so fuckin' hot." She returns the compliment by fishing his cock out of his jeans and sucking his dick without taking them off. He gives her another compliment by getting hard in a matter of seconds. Later, she bends over so he can finger her pussy (and she can expose her asshole) while she's jacking his cock. Then she sucks some more. Now, Cali takes a really good fucking, and it's nice to see her big, fake, DD-cup tits pointing straight up while she's lying down and getting fucked. But the highlight of this scene is the cum shot. The stud cums all over Cali's face. He glazes her! Some of the cum hits her forehead. The rest drips off her nose like it's snot or something, coating her nostrils and streaming down to her mouth. Then Cali cleans off his cock with her mouth...because that's how mature women do it. So, when this video is done, his cock is clean but her face is a fuckin' mess. More on Cali: She was born in Memphis, Tennessee and now lives in Cincinnati, Ohio, where she's engaged to be married. She's into women but prefers men. She loves animals and is saving up to go on an African safari. We think we already brought out the animal in her.